Finance analysis

Accurate Analysis of Your Financial Situation

Come to Ted Stuckenschneider PC for a complete analysis of your income, expenses, assets, and debts. You'll get counsel regarding ALL of your choices, including options that do not include bankruptcy.

Complete Honesty Required

When you consult with Ted, there are 2 essential requirements. You must have all the information necessary and you must disclose everything in order to get an accurate analysis of your situation.

Omitting or withholding information will hamper Ted's ability to create a budget covering how you are going to pay your living expenses after you select whichever remedy best fits your current situation.

If credit counseling is needed or required, Ted will help you find the agency that best fits your needs.
Financial advise

Consider Your Many Options

There are many ways to address your financial straits, from better budgeting to bankruptcy filings. Let Ted show you your options and give you informed choices that work.
Call 205-324-5631 or contact us to make arrangements for your FREE initial consultation, and remember that for the best possible results, you cannot leave out information and must always tell Ted the whole truth.
Call 205-324-5631 
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