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Can I Keep My Car During a Bankruptcy?

Many individuals who would benefit from debt relief are often too afraid to file bankruptcy. Some fear further damaging their credit or their reputation, while others fear losing vital assets such as their home or vehicle.

But bankruptcy is intended to relieve you of your financial burdens. It is not meant to deprive you. As such, even if you are filing for Chapter 7 instead of Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you may still be able to keep important assets such as your house or car. To learn more about how this works, reach out to Ted Stuckenschneider PC today.

How Can I Protect It?

Getting a fresh start does not mean starting entirely from scratch. Most states, including Alabama, are aware of this and allow exemptions so that you may keep certain property. Through the use of these exemptions, you can protect key assets that would otherwise be far too difficult for you to reacquire.

Whether it is the car you need for work or your family home, trust that our board-certified bankruptcy lawyer can help you protect it.

Where Should I Start?

When you enlist our services, attorney Ted Stuckenschneider will draw upon his experience to find the right solution for you. Should he believe that you will not qualify for Chapter 7 or that it would not serve your interest, he will advise you accordingly.

Don’t continue to needlessly struggle with your finances because you are worried you may lose everything. Instead, work with us to explore your bankruptcy options and get back on your feet. Get started today with a visit to our Birmingham office for your free initial consultation. Call 205-324-5631 or send us an email to schedule a time that works for you.

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