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Dealing with debt during the pandemic

We are living in unprecedented times: the shut down from the pandemic, job loss, job furloughs, lost wages, small businesses still not open or closed for good, increased living expenses from staying at home, increased food and transportation costs and the stress from riots and curfews over social injustices. It is safe to say most, […]

Drowning in medical debt? You have options.

If you’re struggling with medical bills, you’re not alone. About one in five Americans are, and it’s the most common contributing factor to bankruptcy. Luckily, there are some options that may be available to help reduce the debt. Also, medical debt may not hit your credit as hard as other types of debt. Ask for […]

5 choices to relieve your debt

Though nobody loves being broke, making just enough to get by, I have heard the phrase, “I can live with being broke, but being in debt stinks.” Trying to manage oppressive debt is an incredible burden to handle. With debt comes financial stress and anxiety, which in turn has hurt you and your relationships. Getting […]

Is a Chapter 13 bankruptcy right for you?

Between a mortgage, car loans, medical bills, credit cards and more, you can face many debts. And when you support a family, your paycheck may not cover all the bills you have. You may have reached the point where your debt is unmanageable. When you reach this point, bankruptcy can offer you relief. But when […]